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Since 1988, Pacific Pure Water Inc., (PPW) has been the leading producer of purified drinking water in the Marshall Islands. Our water is purified by three reverse osmosis water purifiers and handled with the greatest of care from our facility to your home or office.

Our plant on Majuro manufactures, bottles, and delivers drinking water to various homes and offices on Majuro Atoll as well as around the Marshall Islands including the retailers on the Army Installation Base on Kwajalein Atoll.

Pacific Pure Water is tested regularly by the local EPA authority and has been recommended as the purest drinkable water in the Marshall Islands after testing of all bottled water imported or produced locally.

Bottled water sizes include the large five gallon containers suitable for dispensers in the home or office, 1 gallon container, and the smaller individual 19oz bottles.  Ice is also available.  Delivery service available (free in town).

Our management and staff continues to upgrade our plant equipment and expertise on the safest and healthiest forms of producing purified drinking water to ensure that our water delivered to your homes and offices is pure.

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