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CenPac Shipping Agency

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CenPac Shipping Agency

Central Pacific Maritime Agency (CenPac) has been engaged in shipping activities for both domestic and international destinations in Marshall Islands for over 25 years. RRE is an agent for a number of shipping companies, courier services and also provides freight consolidation.

CenPac has become known as the leading and most reliable shipping agency in the Marshall Islands. This reputation has been forged over many years of experience and unmatched commitment to our customers.

CenPac are currently agents for:

     KYOWA Shipping 

Horizon Shipping Line



      C.T.S.I ( Consolidated Transportation Services Incorporated ) Air & Sea Services

     Foreign Fishing vessels - including Purseiners, Reefer Carriers, Long liners
         ( Zengyoren and Kamei, Japan Tuna ) 

     Luxury Cruise Liners - ( We also organize Shore Excursion activities )

     Fuel Tankers

     Private Yachts

We are also do freight forwarding to and from the Marshall Islands.

For further information or to arrange freighting, Please email the following:

 Katmel Latdrik        cenpac@rreinc.com

Damian Reimers   damianreimers@rreinc.com


Boat Charters

     We also have a fleet of Inter-Island Charter boats.


        Ideal for Outer-Island group tours, seeing the pristine beauty of the outer atolls of the Marshall Islands. Also excellent for Marine Expeditions and Research trips.



                                    70'- 90' vessels.



  Katmel Latdrik       cenpac@rreinc.com

Damian Reimers   damianreimers@rreinc.com





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