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Black Pearl Cultivation

Since the mid 1990's, RRE has been cultivating Marshall Islands' Black Pearls produced by the black-lipped pearl oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera).

RRE's Marshall Islands' black pearls are grown in special oyster nets across the pristine lagoon of Enebiro, Jaluit Atoll; a remote island 120 miles South of Majuro. The small farm has a full time staff of five personnel whose daily responsibility is to ensure that the oysters are healthy and receiving the proper nutrients in order to produce high quality Marshall Islands' black pearls.

Since the pearl farm's inception in the mid-1990's, RRE has held a total of seven pearl sale events in Majuro. The black pearls are sold loose, while others are mounted in to jewelry. At every black pearl event, 70% to 80% of the harvests have been sold out on the first day to both locals and visitors to the islands.

Marshall Islands' black pearls have a reputation of being lustrous and possessing unique blue-green overtones on a dark black, gray, or silver colored body.

RRE thrives on its reputation for producing high quality Marshall Islands' Black Pearls.

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For more information on harvesting and pearl availability please contact:

Ramsey Reimers







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