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Private Dining & Conference Facilities

MonBokanake and Kibedrikdrik Room are available for business meetings, social events, classroom activities, and private functions. Catering services can be arranged through the Tide Table Restaurant and Lounge.

Please see the hotel front desk for more information.


MonBokanake Hall offers a local style house nestled in a garden of tropical trees and flowers. The traditional house has open windows allowing the fresh breeze to flow in, along with a thatch roof.

MonBokanake is ideal for large-scale gatherings such as conferences, classroom activities, and social events. A true traditional Marshallese experience.


MonBokanake Hall

Adjacent to the Hotel Front Desk and the Tide Table Restaurant and Lounge, the Kibedrikdrik Room has an eloquent setting consisting of a dining table atop an authentic Marshallese canoe.

Historical pictures of Robert Reimers building canoes along with stories explaining how the RRE business started line the walls. The room seats 14 people and is a great place to have a small group meeting, a private dining party, or small gathering.

Complimentary coffee, iced tea, water, and internet hook-up. High-end and specialty wines available for purchase.

The Kibedrikdrik Room is available for a fee or annual club membership.

The Kibedrikdrik Room

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